Why is Customer Service Important for Your Business?

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Why is Customer Service Important for Your Business?

Customer service has always been an important component of the collision repair experience for insurance carriers. However now, this metric has even more weight than ever before.

The collision repair industry has historically carried a negative association, with the assumption that repair facilities are dirty and poorly run. Improving the reputation of the collision industry has been a collective effort. Now, public and private insurers are both looking to send their valued customers to facilities that go the extra mile.

This is why customer service is so important.

Customer service has become a driving key performance indicator (KPI) for many carriers. In some instances, the customer experience can even surpass other KPIs in the level of importance. For example, in the past, when the cost of the repair was a little high, insurers may have opted to send the work elsewhere. Nowadays, if that same facility has amazing customer service scores, they will still win the business.

This is because customers have more power than ever before. Customers know their business is valuable. They do not want to use companies that provide negative experiences. Online reviews have also helped fuel this shift. Searching the internet for reviews of businesses before you visit the establishment has become a regular habit for every generation. If there are too many negative reviews, oftentimes a shopper will look elsewhere. As insurers look to retain their valued customers, they want to ensure their customers have a positive experience at the collision repair facility referred to them.

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