Why OEM Certifications Matter for Collision Repairers

By March 14, 2021April 9th, 2021Auto Body News
Why OEM Certifications Matter for Collision Repairers

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair guidelines have moved to the forefront of the industry in recent years.

A variety of reasons have affected OEM repair guidelines in industry discussion. For instance, prominent lawsuits, new legislation, OE manufacturer concerns in protecting their brand and even customer safety have all caused repair guidelines to grace industry publication headlines. Above all, the most influential reason affecting its importance is technology.

Vehicles are smarter than ever before. In the past, only luxury or foreign brands had innovative features embedded in their vehicles. However now, nearly all manufacturers have their vehicles (some even in base models) packed with the latest technologies. In other words, incorporating these features into vehicle design has become mandatory for most brands. Because they are competing in a market with rising technological demands from consumers.

This is why keeping up with OEM repair guidelines has become so crucial. It is because the rapid rate of advancement in both technology and materials has made collision repair more complex than ever. Guidelines set forth by the manufacturer provide a map to repairers on how to navigate the advancement and determine which repair components affect others.

Benefits of Joining CARSTAR

Because OEM repair guidelines continue to advance so quickly, it can be overwhelming to keep up. Therefore, joining a premier network like CARSTAR can help a shop owner stay afloat in this rising tide of innovation.

CARSTAR, North America’s leading premier network of locally owned and operated repair centers, provides its family of franchise partners with resources like Collision University, that help stores stay ahead of OEM repair guidelines. In addition, CARSTAR’s EDGE Performance Platform helps stores implement, track and improve on not just OEM repair guidelines, but also other key industry performance indicators.

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