Video/Text on-screen Audio Transcription
Man sits down and talks to camera

Gerald Wickland
Franchise Owner

Man: My name is Gerald Wicklund, CARSTAR Wicklund’s Liberty located in Liberty Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.  We were the very first franchisee of CARSTAR and started October 1st of 1989 and since then, I am the second of three generations of CARSTAR.
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white I highly recommend that a person join CARSTAR purely for the fact that you’re doing things that you couldn’t do by yourself. We have golf tournaments we have our parts of procurement systems are better discounts than what we have or could have gotten by ourselves

One of the best systems that CARSTAR has is the EDGE performance groups and it’s one of the single most important things that a franchisee can get out of CARSTAR. There is a team behind us to make sure that the education’s there the systems are there, we’re constantly growing.

CARSTAR Logo: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts