Man sits down and talks to camera

Video/Text on-screen Copy
Man sits down and talks to camera

Text: Jamie White , Ken’s CARSTAR North & Dalton CARSTAR South

Man: Hi my name is Jamie White. The CARSTAR brand to me means support, means family, means future. The support comes from knowing that they’re always behind me, they’re always willing to step up for me, to help anytime I need it.
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white The family is both with CARSTAR and knowing that it’s keeping me informed, keeping me ready to help support my family. CARSTAR has helped our sales grow. We went from basically a 1.7 million dollar store to a 5 million dollar store. That’s huge growth and I feel like that’s completely because of CARSTAR.

And in the future, the future of that is kinda the same. CARSTAR is there to make sure we continue to grow. CARSTAR is there to make sure my family’s future is safe.

CARSTAR North American Logo: CARSTAR