Michael Macaluco Video Transcript

Title: About the CARSTAR Franchise

Duration: 2:50

Video/Text on-screen Copy

Man (President) sits down on and talks to camera

Text: Michael Macaluso

President – CARSTAR


Shows outside of CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts shop and then moves to the inside with woman walking through the door and greeting CARSTAR employee



Woman (Director of Marketing) talks about CARSTAR


Text: Hannah Ross

Director of Marketing


Man in garage opens hood of car and works on the car


Man meets with female customer to look at her car





Second man (COO) talks about CARSTAR

Text: Dean Fisher

Chief Operations Officer


Man works on car




Third man (VP of Sales) talks about CARSTAR


Text: Arlo Johnson

Vice President of Sales


CARSTAR employees work on car parts


Woman meeting with CARSTAR employee smiles and the employee points out the CARSTAR Repair Process



Woman meets with another CARSTAR employee and shakes her hand.  Camera pans to tech working on car in garage.


Man (President) talks to camera again


Text: Michael Macaluso

President – CARSTAR


CARSTAR Logo: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts

Man: I’m Michael Macaluso, president of CARSTAR. So CARSTAR is a franchise network within the collision repair industry and our success is based upon the success of our franchise partners. We have a franchise first mentality. So, putting our franchise partner at the center of our decision-making is fundamental.  We’re founded upon principles of servant leadership, being humble but hungry, ethics and integrity, ensuring we have fun through this entire process. So, it all starts and ends with our values.


Woman: I’m Hannah Ross, the director of marketing for CARSTAR. I love CARSTAR. I feel really honored and blessed to be part of an organization like this. I mean, CARSTAR truly is a family and we talk about it and we live it that way and we treat our customers and communities that way and it’s incredibly unique and incredibly special and certainly what sets us apart. When you become CARSTAR and become part of our family, it’s our job to make sure that you are the very best version of your store.


Man: Dean Fisher, I’m the CEO of CARSTAR North America. I love CARSTAR. I love the game of business. And I love working with people and building people. CARSTAR to me is the champion of the independent storeowner and gives them an opportunity to continue to build their legacy inside a brand.


Man: I’m Arlo Johnson and I’m the Vice President of Sales for CARSTAR. Now I think what’s unique and special about CARSTAR is the people. We’ve got a great staff, a great team, we care about each other, we drive business forward working with one another very well. Even more special than that is our franchisees. Likewise, they’re very focused on growth and opportunity and support.



I like to think of CARSTAR as an independent organization, and you put CARSTAR, a nice corporate wrapper around it, it helps them engage better and understand what the market is like. You know, gives them the technology and the tools to help them perform at a higher level.

Man (Michael): Joining CARSTAR is a practical decision as much as it’s an emotional decision. So, today as an independent operator, you have yourself, you have great alliances and partnerships, but by joining through CARSTAR you immediately have the ability to tap into our corporate office and peers – 600 plus other collision repair centers – that are fighting the same fight, that have come up with the same solution to the same problem as one unified force. So again, it goes back to that changing marketplace. Being a part of something bigger enables you to become something better.