Ron Alberts Video Transcript

Video/Text on-screen Copy
Man sits down and talks to camera

Ron Alberts
Franchise Owner

Man:My name is Ron Alberts, from St Stephen New Brunswick.
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white I joined CARSTAR about four years ago. I knew about CARSTAR for many years. I worked in this industry since 1975 so when I was determining which way to go as a franchise, I looked at the other options and did a lot of research and decided CARSTAR was the right way to go.

Had I stayed an independent, sales would have been suppressed and sales would have been lower. Working together with CARSTAR has brought focus to who and what we’re all about what’s different about us in our community and CARSTAR really helped me to position myself with a real advantage in our in our particular community. We’re in an industry where things are changing that rapidly that staying one step ahead is vital to our own survival to our own ability to thrive and CARSTAR University has brought the information that we need today and we can see where it’s going tomorrow.

As cars change and as the industry changes we see CARSTAR University as one of the vital tools that we absolutely need to get and remain a step ahead. Why should you join the CARSTAR family? Because it’s that, it’s a family. We have accountability to each other and it contributes to our overall success.