Teresa Kostick Video Transcript


Title: Teresa Kostick Shares Her CARSTAR Journey
Duration: 1:00

Video/Text on-screen Audio Transcription
Woman sits down and talks to camera Woman: Hi I’m Teresa from All Line CARSTAR in Bolingbrook IL.
Text: Teresa Kostick, All Line CARSTAR Auto Body I started in the collision repair industry with my father in 1982, so obviously I am second generation here. In 1982, it was a time where things were really tough and he needed someone to help out. He was a one man show in the office, so I became the girl in office.
Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white My inspiration most definitely was my father. My father let me make mistakes, and from those mistakes I really learned and was never afraid, and let me run with it.

You know I always had this dream, this vision, that I was gonna.. You know I didn’t go to college, so you know my college education was CARSTAR. So it’s almost kinda like a Bachelor’s degree in collision repair, but it’s CARSTAR. So CARSTAR has definitely empowered me and made me feel who I am today, to get where I am today.

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