Why Join Us – Video Transcript


Title: Why CARSTAR? Here’s Why You Should Join Us!
Duration: 1:16

Video/Text on-screen Audio Transcription
Woman sits down and talks to camera
Man sits down and talks to camera
Another man sits down and talks to camera
Man shifts and shows off CARSTAR socks.Switches back and forth from frontal view in color – to side view in black and white
Pans to man: Steve Hahn
Text: Steve Hahn, CARSTAR Metcalf
Man: The way CARSTAR differentiates themselves from other MSO’s is again, we’re family. We go to our EPG classes our 20 store groups and bounce things off of each other. The passion is just a little deeper and little bit stronger with people who own the company.
Pans to woman: Teresa Kostick
Text: Teresa Kostick, All Line CARSTAR Auto Body
Woman: We decided to go with CARSTAR because we wanted to grow our business. We wanted to excel our business to a level that we definitely couldn’t have done ourselves.
Pans to man: Larry King
Text: Larry King, CARSTAR of Port Arthur
Man: I’ve got someone who’s got my back. I’ve got someone that is looking at my best interest, they’re not about their best interest.
Pans to man: Jamie White
Text: Jamie White , Ken’s CARSTAR North & Dalton CARSTAR South
Man: I would suggest joining CARSTAR family if you are ready for a ride per se. If you are ready to have a successful business, to have the family support that CARSTAR offers, to have the constant support, constant education, constant training that CARSTAR offers. I would highly recommend CARSTAR if you are ready for the ride of your life.